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NJCCA executive director Curt Macysyn spoke with Patrick Lavery of New Jersey 101.5 radio recently about a University of California study on child care worker salaries. Macysyn pointed out that salaries for workers are the largest expenditure for any child care center. Increases to employee salaries will be reflected in higher rates for New Jersey working families, and that putting all Pre-K programs in the public school system will mean higher taxes for everyone.

NJ-DCF Child Care Manual Update
The new Department of Children and Families "Child Care Manual" sunsets on August 6, 2016.  The department has proposed several changes, and the New Jersey Child Care Association has two members serving on the ad-hoc citizen's advisory committee that is currently reviewing the regulations.  Please click here to see the proposed revisions. 

If the NJEA has its way, you won't exist.  Attention all providers:
Under the guise of a new and glitzy campaign, "Pre-K Our Way," the public education establishment is gearing for a major initiative ahead of the 2017 gubernatorial elections.  This group is going around the state this month to solicit commentary regarding the current state of Pre-K in New Jersey. 

Don't be fooled; they already know what they want.  Universal Pre-K provided to every three and four-year old in the state, and funded by the taxpayers.

The fact of the matter is that the state already has a successful delivery system that comes mostly from private centers in a pay-as-you-go system.

The educational establishment has taken over Pre-K in the former Abbott district and brought mediocre results and higher taxes (see the article on per pupil costs.)

The NJCCA is the only statewide organization fighting for you, and if you are not a member, then you need to consider what will happen if the public education establishment gets its way.

Do Your Parents and Staff Members Have Questions about the Flu Shot?
Thank you to our December meeting speaker, Dr. Renu Verma, Program Director and Section Chief, Pediatric Infectious Disease at The Unterberg Children's Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center, for providing this information.

For a copy of this material in pdf format CLICK HERE.
The Child Care Advocate - Volume II Hits Mailboxes!
The New Jersey Child Care Association has published and distributed Volume II of The Child Care Advocate, which was mailed to almost 4,000 privately licensed child care centers in New Jersey.  In 2016, we plan to publish Volume III, so we are looking for authors to write articles that pertain to early childhood education, as well as advertising partners to make this endeavor possible.

Letter from the President:
I am very excited to have this opportunity to tell you about the accomplishments of the New Jersey Child Care Association (NJCCA!)  We have monthly meetings and workshops for all our members, 2013 will bring our third annual "Partners in Education" Conference, we have a Facebook page to keep you informed, and we have a lobbyist who protects our interests in Trenton.  The NJCCA is an organization for you - the owner and directors or preschools - as well as for other leaders in the field of early childhood education.

The NJCCA provides a forum for your ideas and serves as your voice in Trenton.  At our monthly meetings you can learn about the latest research in early childhood education, current events, and legislative proposals and licensing requirements that impact our school programs. 

The NJCCA also sponsors monthly seminars geared to the needs of owners and directors.  Some of our previous presentations have included Gigi Schweikert on "How Do I Get People to Get Their Jobs Done?  Helping Adults Succeed"; Rick Ellis on "Difficult Parents - Creating a Win Win"; and Don Mallo on "Unions and Freedom of Choice Act."  Bob Kane presented a workshop on "Successful Workplace Communications."  Joe Lancelloti, Abbie Kohut, and Brenda Fabbio spoke about marketing our programs and keeping up with the new social media.  David Manhire has conducted workshops on insurance issues.  Presentations and workshops always take place at 10:30 am.  Can you think of any easier way to add two hours of training to your credentials each month?

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All of our members are volunteers, so our organization is only as strong as our membership!  You are welcome to visit a meeting to learn more about the NJCCA.  We meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 10:30 am at 80 Kingsbridge Road, Piscataway, NJ  08854.

We are very excited about our "Partners in Education" Conference on Saturday, April 13.  It promises to be an outstanding event with Gigi Schweikert as the keynote speaker and presentations by other greats in the field of early childhood education such as Michelle Barnea and Lynette Galante!  Watch for updates on our website at or our Facebook page - New Jersey Child Care Association. 

"Week of the Young Child" is April 14-20.  This year's theme is Early Years are Learning Years."  Let's work together to make these early years special for our children, families and teachers!