I am very excited to have this opportunity to tell you about the accomplishments of the New Jersey Child Care Association (NJCCA!)  We  host regular meetings at various sites around the state. This past March, we hosted our 7th annual "Partners in Education" Conference at the APA Hotel Woodbridge in Iselin. There were more than 450 early childhood education professionals in attendance.
In addition, NJCCA supports a Facebook page to keep you informed.  Most of all, NJCCA is an organization for you - the owner and directors or preschools - as well as for other leaders in the field of early childhood education.

The NJCCA provides a forum for your ideas and serves as your voice in Trenton.  At our meetings and workshops, you can learn about the latest research in early childhood education, current events, and legislative proposals and licensing requirements that impact your school program. 

Visit our Facebook Page!

The NJCCA newsletter the "Child Care Advocate" was published in September and sent to all licensed centers in the state. Inside you will find important information for your program and contact information on our vendors who can help you with products and services for your Centers.

On April 7, 2018 we will be hosting our 8th Annual Conference. Kaplan's own Keith Pentz will deliver a dynamic keynote entitled "Making the Body-Brain-Mind Connection in Teaching and Learning." See the 2018 NJCCA Conference Page for more information. 

Thank you for your continued support.

With best wishes,

Kathy Feigley
Kangaroo Kids Child Care & Learning Center
NJCCA President
If the NJEA has its way, you won't exist.  Attention all providers:
Under the guise of a new and glitzy campaign, "Pre-K Our Way," the public education establishment is gearing for a major initiative ahead of the 2017 gubernatorial elections.  This group is going around the state this month to solicit commentary regarding the current state of Pre-K in New Jersey. 
Don't be fooled; they already know what they want.  Universal Pre-K provided to every three and four-year old in the state, and funded by the taxpayers.
The fact of the matter is that the state already has a successful delivery system that comes mostly from private centers in a pay-as-you-go system.
The educational establishment has taken over Pre-K in the former Abbott district and brought mediocre results and higher taxes (see the article on per pupil costs.)
The NJCCA is the only statewide organization fighting for you, and if you are not a member, then you need to consider what will happen if the public education establishment gets its way.
The Child Care Advocate - Volume II Hits Mailboxes!
The New Jersey Child Care Association has published and distributed Volume II of The Child Care Advocate, which was mailed to almost 4,000 privately licensed child care centers in New Jersey.  In 2016, we plan to publish Volume III, so we are looking for authors to write articles that pertain to early childhood education, as well as advertising partners to make this endeavor possible.

Do Your Parents and Staff Members Have Questions about the Flu Shot?
Thank you to our December meeting speaker, Dr. Renu Verma, Program Director and Section Chief, Pediatric Infectious Disease at The Unterberg Children's Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center, for providing this information.

For a copy of this material in pdf format CLICK HERE.